Books are better than TV

I think books are better than TVs.

Firstly some books are educational and will give you the infomation you need, but a tv can not. You know why? because  the people on the documentmentrys speak too fast and you can not hear anything, but with a book you can look back at it every time.

secondly some books can take you to different places than a tv can and it can also fill your imagination. I know a tv can fill your imagination but really what TV show do you know that actully fills your imagination ( leave a comment ). Besides it all started with a book there was no tv back then.

Finally tou can take books anywhere in the world! I know what your going to say “we can take our iphone with us”, no, an iphone is not a tv and you can not take tv anywhere in the world.

These are my points of view on why books are better than tv.

maths mate term 2 final sheet

Predict: I predict that this will be about problem solving.

Read: What is the weight of four grapefruit if one and a half grapefruit of the same size weigh 600 gms?

Clarify: there was nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: what is the weight of four grapefruit?

Strategy: I new that one and a half grapefruit = 600 gms. To get a whole number of grapefruit I doubled the one and a half which  = three. I also had to double the 600 gm which = 1200 gm. I then needed to work out what one grapefruit weighed. So I  divided 1200 gm by three which = 400 gm. If one grapefruit = 400 gm then four grapefruit = 4×400 and this = 1600 gm.

Summary: overall this question was very hard becaue I did not really get the concept of it.

Answer: 1600.



Catfish air bombers flew threw the air, bombing everything in sight. The goldfish  tourght that all they had to do was bow down to their new rulers, but there was an upriseing getting ready to pounce on the catfish forces led by one unlikley hero and his name is Dan!

Dan started to run right threw all that smoke of bombing in the land of goldfish. He had no idea  what was going on until he smacked into a giant pole and fell down a pothole.

When he awoke he found himself lying down on a bench in a room that was full of medical stuff. He saw a door at the end of the room so he got up and walked over to it and opened the door to see a goldfish secret base! A man walked up to him and said that he was now apart of a serect organizaton to stop the catfish from taking over the world.

Dan could not beleave his ears, suddenly there was a lage bang and the base shook! The explosion created a cloud of smoke and when it cleard it reaveled a ghastly figure, it was Dr. Fatso the leader of the catfish!

But when Dr. Fatso looked up, all the goldfish had already left the base! The goldfish were in there hot air balloons and on there way to bomb the catfish and finish this war forever , but there was one problem there was a giant cannon at the catfish base and it had already shot down  three air balloons!

So it was up to Dan to take out the cannon and save his fellow goldfish and he did but there was still the base to blow up aswell so the remaining bomber balloons  and push bombs into it, and saved the wourld.

100 word challenge week 36

Once there was a small chocolate egg who dreamed of being able to fly. And one day his dream came true when he was picked up by a bird! He was so happy until the birds talons released its grip from the tiny egg and he fell to the ground and cracked open! Poor little egg, he was cracked up and broken. Just then some workers came along and when they saw him they were kind enough to help the poor guy so they took him to the egg hospital and he was fixed. And all that flying made him sick so he gave it up.

maths mate term 2 sheet 7

Predict: I predict that this will be about problem solving.

Read: liam is older than his sister. they were born on the same day 5 years apart. there was twenty five candles on there cake last birthday. how old is his sister.

Clarify: there was nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: how old is his sister.

Strategies: I listed up the possebileties (again).

Summary: WOW! I can not belive that I have been working on these possebileties this whole term and I am happy about it because it is really fun.

Answer: his sister is 10 years old.

100 word challenge week 35

It was pitch black, all I could see was a gateway to another world. I ran through it and there standing before me was my old friend Max. He turned to me and said “god it’s cold”. Suddenly the ground started to rumble and shake and giant worm came out of the earth and the worst part is it was made of marshmallows. We started to run but then I realised it was made of marshmallows. So we turned back and  ate it. It was delicious so we ate until we couldn’t even walk. Now I hasve to go on a diet!


The Five Big Questions: The Dragons eye

Big question 1: what makes this book good? What makes this book good is all the excitment and all the learning about dragons and getting close to them and playing with them and that kind of crazy jazz.

Big question 2: I think that if there were more dragons in the book because so far its only talked about 4 dragons named scorcher, weasel, jamel and a sea dragon who has no name. all I want is for there to be more dragons.

Big question 3: what the most important thing the author wants you to know.Dugald wnts us to know that Daniel is a lost boy who wants his parents to come home.

Big question 4: why did the writer erite this book: Dugald wrote this book because he wanted us to have a big adventure in life build our imaginations to the max.

Big question 5: what does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book: The audience needs to now that this is an adneture storie and Daniels the and theat thi book is his diary and all he wants is for his parents to come home from india.



Five Facts of Fiction: The Dragons eye (draft)

Fact 1: Fiction is all about the character.

Daniel is a 12 year old boy who just wants his parents to come from India. He is very curios and adventurous and he has living with a man name Dr.drake a brilliant man who studys dragons.

Fact 2: Fiction is all about what your character want.

Daniel just wants his parents to come home from india (they have been there for four long boring years) but he can not send a letter or anything right now he is trying to save Dr.drakes house.

Fact 3: Fiction is all about how the character gets what he wants or how he does not sucseed: He dose not do anything all hes doing now is helping Dr.drake save his house.

Fact 4: fiction is all about how your character changes: Daniel dose not really change that much but he dose change when he gets into leaning dragons.

Fact 5: fiction is all about the world the author creates: the author has created a world of wonder and mystery and that is why I think this book is really the best book I have ever read.


Letter (draft)

Dear blah blah blah

We have a lollipop man at our school and he (the guy who goes out on to the street and stops the cars) might go some day, who will go out and stop the cars then?

The answer is traffic lights. With traffic lights it will be so much easier for people to see the traffic lights then seeing the lollipop man.

from Finn ormrod.

maths mate term 2 sheet 6

Prediction: I predict that this will be about problem solving.

Read: In a class of 22 students, there are 4 more girls than boys. How many girls are in the class.

Clarify: There was nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: How many girls are in the class.

Strategie: I listed all the possibleties.

Summary: Overall it was very hard and easy at the same time and it was one of those ones were you have to list the possible ones.

Answer: 13