superspell result sheet

Spelling skills established

3 letter consonant blends vowel-consonant words

consonant digraph- ck, wh, sh, ch, th.

spelling skills partially established

2 letter final consonant blends

initial and final consonant blend in the 1 word

digraph consonant blends

double consonants

spelling skills not established

2 and 3 initial consonant blends


multisyllabic words ( short vowel sound )



My job/your job

my job

.To be organised for the lesson.

.to listen and make eye contact with who’s talking.

.to learn new information

.to have an exciting and awesome year.

.to do jobs that are asked in 5/6

to work in class and work

with other students and be a good primary students.


Your job

to help us learn

to teach us new information

to be organised for the lesson you are going to teach us

to know what we are capable of and what we are not capable of.


Application to be in 5\6B

Dear Lee and classmates.

My name is Finn Ormrod I believe I should be in this classroom because I always try to collaborate in groups and always try to help other students.

I also try to do my best and try my hardest and try to include other students in groups.

and that is why I believe I should be in this classroom.

swimming carnivil

I jumped up out of bed, got ready and went to school but I did not go to Jude’s classroom I went to Liz’s classroom where every other chisam kid was, the team captions talked about  who was doing this and who was doing that

And then we were off to the pool, the preps and 1/2s were already there and were getting ready for the events ahead of them.


Me and my friends met up and found a spot sat down and started to eat our lunch our Mum’s and Dad’s had packed us, suddenly my first event was called over the loudspeaker “could all 9 and 10 year old boys in freestyle make your way to the pool I repeat all 9 and 10 year old boys in freestyle make your way to the pool thank you “I walked to the pool and jumped in the inside and then

The horn went off and we were off even though I wasn’t wining I could hear

My friends cheering for me “go Finn! “  I came 6th place Max (one of my friends) cheered me up so the rest of the day it was like event rest event and it was like that for the rest of the day and then a really fun pool game came up it was called cork relay you have to collect corks and put them in a bucket the collar of your house team and after that it was free time it was pretty short but I still had fun.  




About me

Hi my name is Finn. I am now 10 years of age and I am in grade 4.

This term (which is term 4 by the way) we are doing a lot of work on our blogs and learning about Australian History. I also got a new Voki. It used to be a shark named Fish Face but now it’s a mouse named squeak.

I have made a lot of new friends lately, friends like Atticus, Jordan and Krish. I have also had a great year because of all the fun things that we have done this year, like the play rehearsals to show people what it was like living on the gold fields in Ballarat.

I am also going into grade 5 next year. I am so excited because you get your own computer. It’s called a netbook and it looks so cool.


And that is a little bit about me.