Education week

On the 21/5/14 we went to Gtac to do some fun experiments with them (but it was also education week so that’s why we went) we did lots of fun stuff and learnt some awesome things and we understood most of the things they said. We started off as a whole group but then we split up into different groups.

Three things I learnt was what condensation is, what happens when you heat something up and that there are water Beatles inside dirty water. Condensation is when a gas turns into a liquid. When you heat something up it either melts or turns into a gas.

Four things I understand was that a solid turns into a liquid, a liquid turns into a gas, a gas can turn into a liquid using condensation and that gas particles bounce around walls and each other. If the gas particles slowed down they would not bounce around that much all they do was slow down and stop I their tracks.

Two questions I have left would be why are there water Beatles inside the dirty water? How was 10 balloons able to fit into one tiny bucket?

And these are my questions what I learnt and what I understand.




On the 6/5/14 the people at Gtac came to our school so we could do some experiments with them. So we walked to the science lab and they were there.

There we learn’t about solids and liquids. We also learn’t about how all the particles move around using the play do, rubber bands and plastic cup.

A solid can be in any kind of shape but it needs to be packed together so they can be a solid because when things are packed together it makes them hard.

A liquid can get together then move off then do that with another liquid so basically its like shaking other peoples hands for three seconds and walking away.

When you think of gas you think its just toxic stuff right? well its not you breathe it up everyday, hey but don’t get scared I’m talking about oxygen.

When we did the first activity it  was to see ho a solid particals break up when you move them, break them and even squash them (This was the activity we did with play do.) We got into groups and we had to carry the play do without touching it. The next activity was pretty much the same thing but only with a rubber band.

we started to talk about all kinds of solids and liquids and gases and then it was time to go back back to the future! No it was actually it was time to go back to class.



100 Word Challenge week 32

I found it in my backyard. It was not a her or a he, nothing but an it. It was in my garden and it was making noises. Some of it sounded a like foreign language but it wasn’t, it was alien language. Most of it went bleep bloop and some times it even said destroy this planet. I shouted to it’ no reply. I tried again still no reply. I was about to go inside when it came out of the bushes to meet me. When it looked at me, it realised that the human race is harmless and we don’t need to be destroyed. And then it disappeared.

100 Word Challenge week 31

Portal:3. Still investigating the causes of these mutant outbreaks, the two detectives have found a giant bee that was shot down by a hunter.  The detectives decided to investigate in the  barn near where the hunter killed the mutant . When they entered they could not believe their eyes, they saw all kinds of crazy stuff like  mutagen (a liquid that mutates animals/people).  Suddenly a mutated farmer enterd the barn. He pulled out his shot gun and fired at the our two heros. One of the detectives founed a bomb on the floor, so he set it off and destroyed the barn and mutagen forever.

100 Word Challenge week 30

Today was Saturday and it was lunch time, so I walked over to the kitchen to make me some noodles! But when I opened the cupboard door THERE WERE NO NOODLES! I started to panic, but I knew I had to stay calm because all I had to do was go to the supermarket. I had no time to lose, I have to get to the shop and get me some noodles. When I got to the store I ran at the speed of light to the noodles section, but I only saw one, so I raced for it and I nailed it.

100 word challenge week 28

Today was the day, doomsday had arived. I don’t have much time, I have to get to the the center of the earth to stop this crisis.  luckily I have a giant battle machine that has a drill attached. I rushed home to get my battle machine. As I entered  the huge metal monster,  the ground started  to shake and the earth opened up. My machine fell through the giant crater inbeded in the ground.  this was good I could get to the center earth in no time. Unfortunatly  it was to late the earth was already a giant ball of rubble, I thought I had enough time to stop it.

100 word challage week 26

Portal Part 2: After bringing the man back trough the portal the two detectives walked home,  one of them pointed up to the sky and said “look up , can you see the giant turtle flying in the sky”.  They now knew that a new case had been identified! So they started snooping around looking for clues  that related to the flying turtle. Suddenly in a dark alleyway they found a poorly hidden canister that was full of mutagen. They  realised that the mutagen had transformed the turtle into a flying monster. Was this the beginning of the end of the human race?

100 word challage week 25

One day a little girl was wondering in a meadow when she saw a big brown box. She walked over  and opened it but when she lifted the lid a giant monster covered in green fur with big purple spikes on its back jumped out at her! She was so terrified  she ran from the huge beast but   tripped over and was trapped between the dark forest and the hungry beast! The creature roared and the girl screamed. Luckily a group of explorers heard her screams and rushed to the scene.  They shot the beast and she was rescued.

100 word challage week 24

Jack was taking the cow to the market to sell it. On the way there he met a man who said he had some magic beans. Jack took the beans  without going to the market! When he got home he showed the beans to his mother and she got angry,  she grabbed the beans out of his hand and threw them out the window. The next day jack looked out of his window to see a giant beanstalk! So he  climbed up the beanstalk but was stopped by a giant so he climbed down the beanstalk and chopped it down.

Austrailian Federal parliament representation

House of representatives

Distribution by state/territory.


Federal Parliament Graph No. 2 Luca, Finn and Ruby

over the past few days we have been doing activity’s based on direct and indirect representation in Australia politics and about the three levels of governments. The three levels of government are Federal, State and local!  Federal takes care of national parks and national issues! state care of transport and Local takes care of Local parks and Local libraries and so on.

After that we went into groups of 5 and had to choose a place to choose a place to eat and agree on it. Then the whole class got together to find out what place we would like to go on an excursion! It took us about 15 mins but then we agreed on going around the world, If  the class takes 15 mins to decide on something, how long does it take for the government to decide on something?

Then the next task was to into a group of three and had to fill out a sheet and choose a state! Our group chose W.A. and had to find out the number of members from each houses of our state, and the number of electors from each state! After we put all of our note taking in these two charts  one up the top that  is the house of representations. And the one below  is the house of senate.

House of senate

distribution by senate/territory

Federal Parliament Graph No. 2 Luca, Finn and Rebecca