maths mate term 3 sheet 3 question 23

Predict: I predict that this will be about problem solving.

Read:  Fill in the missing digits to the sum.

Clarify: there was nothing to clarify.

Strategies: In every line there was one unknown, therefore I used the two known numbers to work the unknown numbers. e.g  X – 7 = 3. I know that 10 -7= 3 therefore the missing number was zero.

Summary: Overall this question was actually quite hard for a fill in the missing digits question. Because I usually get these ones right on the spot, maybe it is because it is not an addition one.  I usually struggle with my subtraction.

Answer: 0 at the top middle, 1 in the bottom right and 3 in the middle left.

Writers notebook text: winter

One day me and my friends were walking through the city when we spotted a snowman sitting in the middle of the road. It did not move it just stood there in the winter snow, when a little snowflake fell on the snowman and the city turned to snow.

Suddenly the snowman turned to us and said that we were next to be turned to snow! We ran for our lives but when we turned around nothing was happening, unless you count the snowman hopping after us.

We faced in its direction and we ran at it like we new what to do ( well we new what to do of course) and once we go to it I kicked its head off.

maths mate term 3 sheet 2

Prediction: I predict this will be about problem solving

Read: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.

Clarify: There was nothing to clarify.

Strategies: I added up the fist numbers then figured out how much to go to get to the answer.

Summary: this is my second last question I will be putting on my blog and the question I was going to do I could not figure it out but this question was really easy.

Answer: 4 in the top right, 2 in the bottom left and 6 in the bottom middle.



Writers notebook text: last semester

Last semester we did lots of fun things like science, maths, literacy and winter sports. let me explain  what these really fun activitys  are all about.

1: science

Science is all around you and it happens all the time. Science is happening everywhere, it can happen in your body, at your home and many more places than your brain can think of.

2: maths

Okay maths is something you do everyday. You use to count money and to solve problems.

3: literacy

Literacy is just another word for English so you might already know about literacy.

4: winter sports

Winter sports has four sports in it and we all compete with other schools. The sports we play are teaball, soccer, netball and football.

And that’s what we did last semester.



Behind the news: Diabetes day.

I went on the ABC behind the news site and found a article on the behind the news site. that talks about Diabetes day.

Three facts about this article:

1. Diabetes is a very serious thing it is not funny and it is nothing to laugh about.

2. There are two types of diabetes, they are called type one and type two. Type one is when diabetes is born with you. Type two is when you get  it when you are older.

3. There was a diabetes day to raise money for kids who have diabetes.

Two understandings I had were:

1. I see that diabetes gives you a very hard time. The worst part is if your born with it, it can really hurt.

2. sometimes sugar is your best friend and also your worst enemy.

You can find this article at the behind the news site.


maths mate term 3 sheet 1

Predict: I predict that this will be about problem solving.

Read: Rugby players are numbered 1-12 in order. They are huddled up in a circle. What is the player opposite number 3.

Clarify: There was nothing to clarify.

Strategies:  I drew a clock and I got my answer.

Summary: I think this question was hard and easy all at the same time because at first I got ten.

Answer: 9