Term 2 Integrated unit: chemical change

Term 2 Reflection:

This term we have been doing a lot of science and experiments. We had the people at Gtac come to help us do all the experiments and help us learn about some of the things science has to offer.

Three things I learn’t was:

  • The particles inside a gas do not stick together like a solid but they move around a lot and bounce off  each other sort of like  a bouncy ball.
  • The particles in a solid have to stay packed together in order to stay strong so they do not break that easily.
  • The particles inside a liquid are sometimes cruising along just having a great time and going with the flow.

Two understandings I had were:

  • How a gas can turned into a liquid which is called condensation.
  • A liquid can be turned back into a solid, this method is called freezing.

One wondering I have is:

  • I have been wondering when I’m going to find out if oxygen is a gas because we walk through gas every day but does that mean that oxygen is a gas?

What was the most important thing I learnt:

 That science is every were in your bathroom,at the beach and even in your school science is every were and there are some things that are just waiting to be discovered.

How did I learn it:

Well first of all look around you, science is happening right outside your window go outside look around science is all around you and it will always be their forever.

What am I going to do with this knowledge:

 I am going to teach my knowledge to others.


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