Catfish air bombers flew threw the air, bombing everything in sight. The goldfish  tourght that all they had to do was bow down to their new rulers, but there was an upriseing getting ready to pounce on the catfish forces led by one unlikley hero and his name is Dan!

Dan started to run right threw all that smoke of bombing in the land of goldfish. He had no idea  what was going on until he smacked into a giant pole and fell down a pothole.

When he awoke he found himself lying down on a bench in a room that was full of medical stuff. He saw a door at the end of the room so he got up and walked over to it and opened the door to see a goldfish secret base! A man walked up to him and said that he was now apart of a serect organizaton to stop the catfish from taking over the world.

Dan could not beleave his ears, suddenly there was a lage bang and the base shook! The explosion created a cloud of smoke and when it cleard it reaveled a ghastly figure, it was Dr. Fatso the leader of the catfish!

But when Dr. Fatso looked up, all the goldfish had already left the base! The goldfish were in there hot air balloons and on there way to bomb the catfish and finish this war forever , but there was one problem there was a giant cannon at the catfish base and it had already shot down  three air balloons!

So it was up to Dan to take out the cannon and save his fellow goldfish and he did but there was still the base to blow up aswell so the remaining bomber balloons  and push bombs into it, and saved the wourld.

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