100 word challenge week 35

It was pitch black, all I could see was a gateway to another world. I ran through it and there standing before me was my old friend Max. He turned to me and said “god it’s cold”. Suddenly the ground started to rumble and shake and giant worm came out of the earth and the worst part is it was made of marshmallows. We started to run but then I realised it was made of marshmallows. So we turned back and  ate it. It was delicious so we ate until we couldn’t even walk. Now I hasve to go on a diet!


One thought on “100 word challenge week 35

  1. Hi Finnbar,

    Thanks for your entry this week! A giant worm made of marshmallows, how delish, I can see why you turned back to eat it!

    An entertaining and humorous entry, with a good use of the prompt words! Well done!

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