Five Facts of Fiction: The Dragons eye (draft)

Fact 1: Fiction is all about the character.

Daniel is a 12 year old boy who just wants his parents to come from India. He is very curios and adventurous and he has living with a man name Dr.drake a brilliant man who studys dragons.

Fact 2: Fiction is all about what your character want.

Daniel just wants his parents to come home from india (they have been there for four long boring years) but he can not send a letter or anything right now he is trying to save Dr.drakes house.

Fact 3: Fiction is all about how the character gets what he wants or how he does not sucseed: He dose not do anything all hes doing now is helping Dr.drake save his house.

Fact 4: fiction is all about how your character changes: Daniel dose not really change that much but he dose change when he gets into leaning dragons.

Fact 5: fiction is all about the world the author creates: the author has created a world of wonder and mystery and that is why I think this book is really the best book I have ever read.


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