Education week

On the 21/5/14 we went to Gtac to do some fun experiments with them (but it was also education week so that’s why we went) we did lots of fun stuff and learnt some awesome things and we understood most of the things they said. We started off as a whole group but then we split up into different groups.

Three things I learnt was what condensation is, what happens when you heat something up and that there are water Beatles inside dirty water. Condensation is when a gas turns into a liquid. When you heat something up it either melts or turns into a gas.

Four things I understand was that a solid turns into a liquid, a liquid turns into a gas, a gas can turn into a liquid using condensation and that gas particles bounce around walls and each other. If the gas particles slowed down they would not bounce around that much all they do was slow down and stop I their tracks.

Two questions I have left would be why are there water Beatles inside the dirty water? How was 10 balloons able to fit into one tiny bucket?

And these are my questions what I learnt and what I understand.



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  1. I liked your post, your spelling and punctuation could be improved but overall, this piece was very informative

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