maths mate term 2 sheet 1

PREDICTION: I predict that this will be about problem solving.

READ: Eight school friends gave each other valentine’s day cards. How many cards were exchanged?

CLARIFY: There was nothing to clarify.

THE BIG QUESTION: How many cards were exchanged?

STRATEGIE: I asked myself if I was one of the 8 how many cards would I get?

SUMMARY: I worked out that I would get 7 cards and everyone else would get 7  cards which is 7×8=56.



100 word challenge week 28

Today was the day, doomsday had arived. I don’t have much time, I have to get to the the center of the earth to stop this crisis.  luckily I have a giant battle machine that has a drill attached. I rushed home to get my battle machine. As I entered  the huge metal monster,  the ground started  to shake and the earth opened up. My machine fell through the giant crater inbeded in the ground.  this was good I could get to the center earth in no time. Unfortunatly  it was to late the earth was already a giant ball of rubble, I thought I had enough time to stop it.

maths mate term 1 sheet 8

Predict: I predict that this problem will be about problem solving.

Read: A gambler begins with $21. In the first minute he loes $5. In the next minute he wins $3. How long does it take for him to loes $21 if he continues losing and winning and this way.

Clarify: there was nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: How long does it take for him to lose $21.

Strategie: I counted the minute he lost $5 and minutes he lost $3.

Summary: This was a good problem to finish off the term but it was also very challenging.

Answer: 22 minutes