100 word challage week 23

A number of  earthquakes have been shaking the earth for days now and the people of Melbourne are starting to get sick of it. So two men went to the Melbourne city junk yard and built a giant drill that will push through the earth to find out the cause of all these earthquakes. When they started digging through the ground a giant mole started to chase them and then they realised it was the mole causing all the earthquakes so they captured it and took it to the surface and the earthquakes stopped.

maths mate: term 1-sheet 3


I predict that this Question will be about problem solving.


On the shelf, the maths book is the eleventh from the right and the tenth from the left, how many books are on the shelf.


There was nothing to clarify


Like sheet 2 I counted up all the books  with the maths book in the middle.


I thought this question was pretty easy like sheet 2 but no it turned out really hard but with help from my Dad he put me on the right track.



100 word challge week 22

A man went missing in a nearby forest. Two brave detectives walked into the dark scary forest to find out what exactly what happened to the man.  They found a portal covered by bright lights,  that led them to another world. When they walked through the portal they saw a world of sand. Suddenly they saw the man the sitting on a rock. They  ran straight for him but just then a giant spider jumped out of the sand and ran after our two hero’s. They got to the man and led him to the portal which took them safely home.

maths mate: term1: sheet 2


I predict that this question will be about problem solving.


Jacinta’s name is the fifteenth from the top of the class roll. she is also the fifteenth from the bottom. How many students in the class?



there was nothing to clarify.

My Tool:

I added 14, 14 and 1 and I got the answer.

The big question:

what is the total of students in the class.


overall this question was pretty easy because I’ve done a question just like this and I learned from  it so it was really easy.

Answer: 29







100 word challage week 21

A pilot flying a plane from New Zealand to Australia spotted something flying through the air and it did not look like a plane. it looked round and had canons  on each side. When he landed the plane in Australia he wrote letter to the government talking about what he saw. When they got the letter they were amazed by what they had heard so the government went to meetings across the country to find what was the thing that the pilot saw. When they found out they could not believe what they found, they had found a U.F.O.

superspell result sheet

Spelling skills established

3 letter consonant blends vowel-consonant words

consonant digraph- ck, wh, sh, ch, th.

spelling skills partially established

2 letter final consonant blends

initial and final consonant blend in the 1 word

digraph consonant blends

double consonants

spelling skills not established

2 and 3 initial consonant blends


multisyllabic words ( short vowel sound )



My job/your job

my job

.To be organised for the lesson.

.to listen and make eye contact with who’s talking.

.to learn new information

.to have an exciting and awesome year.

.to do jobs that are asked in 5/6

to work in class and work

with other students and be a good primary students.


Your job

to help us learn

to teach us new information

to be organised for the lesson you are going to teach us

to know what we are capable of and what we are not capable of.