Term 4 maths project reflection


Angus,Dieter and I did a maths project on getting rid of the red container and building a new one.

 I learnt a bit more about meters and centermeters.

estimate          side estimate          building key

11 m 50 cm              5m                           om 0.5m 1 1.5m 2 2.5m 3

we were doing a white room so we made a net and asked Lee to cut it out the net then

I took it home to paint it after I had painted it we stuck it together and believe me it was great.

the rainbow serpent

People belive that the rainbow serpent was the one who made the land that we  live in to this day, there is a story about this and Im going to tell you it.

Everything lay still,  nothing moved until the rainbow serpent came out fromunder the ground and called for the frogs “come out” she said in a shout they came out.She tickeld them and water spillt out of there mouths making  lakes and rivers. Thenshe made laws who ever followed them will get human form who didnt will be turned to stone.

So thats it nobody knows who did it?.